Participation in "Careers 2003"
Dear students and young specialists,

JobTiger, Business Agency Varna and the "Bulgarian Dream" program of the Ministry of Economy invite you to participate in the annual CAREERS Forum, where you will have the opportunity to meet companies offering internship positions and desiring to hire young specialists or graduating students.

The forum is part of the organizers' initiatives to create a favorable environment for development of young specialists in Bulgaria.

List of companies applied for participation in "Careers 2003", requirements and posted job positions
Forum's schedule

How to participate successfully in "Careers 2003" forum?

1. Visit "Careers 2003" on 14-15 April at WTC "Interpred" in Sofia and on 16 June at the Festival and congress center in Varna:
During the forum you will have the opportunity to meet the companies representatives and to find out their requirements what specialists they are looking for and what documents they want to receive.
Different seminars will be held at the same time with the meetings and the interviews, including presentations of certain companies and programs for development of young specialists.

2. Keep up with the positions published in "Virtual Careers 2003" in JobTiger:
You can apply for the positions published in JobTiger within the forum's framework. The name of each position starts with "Careers 2003".

3. Keep up with daily published information about "Careers 2003" in JobTiger

4. Preliminary preparatory seminars in several universities

They are held in the days before the forum in different universities. During these seminars you will have the opportunity to get advice and answers to questions related to the preparation of CV and cover letter, and to the behavior during an interview. Some short preliminary information about the participating employers will be provided.
Date Hour Where Place
19 March 2003 17:00 Medical University - Varna Pharmaceutical Faculty
4 April 2003 17:15 Sofia University Auditorium 272, Rectorat
7 April 2003 17:15 Sofia University Faculty of Economics
9 April 2003 18:00 University of National and World Economy Hall 2005
11 April 2003 16:45 Technical University Hall 3239
Date Hour Where Place
13 June 2003 16:00 University of Economics-Varna Hall 221
13 June 2003 18:00 Technical University - Varna Hall 128114, Faculty of Machine Technology
No preliminary registration and preparation for the seminars is required!

Some tips from JobTiger Team:

1. Preparation:
- Check out the participating companies in advance and mark those you are interested in;
- Make a list of employers you want to talk with and sort them by priority to avoid missing the most important among them due to a lack of time;
- Pay special attention to the companies that will be at the interview hall. The access to them will be given according to preliminary set order;
- Investigate each company you want to meet. Write down a few key sentences about them, so you could take a quick look at that information before going to the companys stand.

2. Documents required:
- Bring your CVs and cover letters with you it's recommended to have more of them, written in Bulgarian and English. You may also bring some photos.
- The number of CVs to bring depends on the number of companies you are interested in. However, having some extra CVs is recommended.
- When writing the cover letter do not copy the text directly from JobTiger employers are well acquainted with those examples and using them will not attract their attention to you.

3. Dress:
- If you wonder what to wear when visiting the forum, the simplest choice is a suit. You should dress professionally, like the way you would be dressed if you were going to an interview at the employer's office.

4. Behavior:
- As the first 10 seconds often are most important, its good to make a strong first impression.
- Prepare your introduction in advance.
- Practice greeting the representative of a given company (finish with a smile and a handshake).
- Prepare a 60-second resume (just in case) presenting your basic knowledge, skills and experience (if you have such), as well as the spheres you are interested in or what kind of position you are looking for.