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  1. What is the Coming home project?
    The Coming home project is a long-term coordinated program between Bulgarian businessmen, the government, state agencies, embassies and consular departments, as well as other organizations interacting with the Bulgarians abroad. It helps the Bulgarians who study and work abroad to find out the necessary information about acquiring of attractive labor opportunities in Bulgaria.

  2. Brief description of the current situation.
    At the moment there are about 3 million Bulgarians who live permanently abroad. They form a highly varied group of people in terms of their current geographic situation, time of leaving the native land, social status, age, values and needs. Some of the more typical subgroups include:
    • The Bulgarians in Ukraine, Moldova and Romania (about 1 million people), who have left Bulgaria more than a century ago. Most of them have kept their Bulgarian cultural identity, habits, language and religion.;
    • The Bulgarians in the Balkans region (mostly Turkey, Greece, Macedonia and Serbia). They have changed their place of residence on their own will or have been separated from Bulgaria because of newly established frontiers between the Balkan countries;
    • The youngest Bulgarian immigration. This subgroup has formed in the last 12 years and is concentrated mostly in West Europe and North America. According different statistics this subgroup runs to between 300 000 and 900 000 people.
    Part of these people may never come back to Bulgaria, but there are a lot of them who are ready to come back, to settle down and to contribute to the positive economical and political future of the country. In general these people are high qualified and educated persons, who have achieved success in their professional career. It is supposed that quite large number of young professionals, graduated abroad and/or worked for international companies are interested in coming back and working for the better future of Bulgaria.
    The third subgroup (the youngest Bulgarian immigration on West) is considered to be the natural target group of this project.

    In most cases the real and systematically presented information for the current situation of the Bulgarian labor market is the crucial moment for these young people to make the decision for returning, living and working in Bulgaria.

  3. Aim of the project.
    The Bulgarian Dream Project of the Ministry of Economy, JobTiger Ltd. and the State Agency for Bulgarians Abroad believe that the young, well educated and striving for high professionalism Bulgarians, who work or study abroad, are one of the most valuable resources of Bulgaria at the moment. Their high qualification and organizational culture will be a considerable benefit for the successful creation of a more perspective future.

    The main purpose of the Coming home project is to provide the information necessary for the young people to make their decision to return to Bulgaria, namely complete, continuously updated and professionally presented information about the labor market in Bulgaria. The aspiration is: as many as possible young people to come home through professional and methodical approach, creation of comprehensive labor reserve and interactive information means and advanced technologies. One of the inevitable consequences of this process will be the attraction of large foreign investments in the country.

  4. Project Coordinators:
    1. JobTiger Ltd.
    2. State Agency for Bulgarians Abroad
    3. The Bulgarian Dream Project of the Ministry of Economy

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