Projects coordinators

  1. The Bulgarian Dream Program of the Ministry of Economy of Republic of Bulgaria.
    The program started in 2002 as National program for professional orientation and realization of young specialists and students-economists. Its main idea is to create ways of connection between the academic community, the business and the state administration, as well as to assist the selection and realization of the young economists on the labor market. Priority of the program is the organization of students summer probations in the country and in leading international institutions and companies, as well as the maintenance of continuous active connections with the Bulgarian student and professional community outside Bulgaria.

  2. State Agency For Bulgarians Abroad.
    The State Agency for Bulgarians Abroad is an official governmental organization leading the governmental policy and strategy regarding the Bulgarians and the Bulgarian minorities outside the country. We believe that with the help of the already established connections and reputation of the agency among the Bulgarians abroad, we will contribute effectively to this project and will ensure its final success.

  3. JobTiger Ltd.
    JobTiger Ltd. which has been established in the beginning of 2001 by Bulgarian-American Investment Fund, is completely integrated online service for staff selection. Its main purpose is on one hand to assist the employers in the process of recruitment of human resources and on the other hand to provide the people who look for a job contemporary information about the market labor in Bulgaria. Since its foundation JobTiger has become the most popular web site for staff selection in Bulgaria.