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Reach your audience through banner advertising and targeted publications in and the company media

Banner advertisement in JobTiger

Advertising position Location Price for 1000 impressions (CPM)
Banner 300 x 250px all pages 12,00 BGN
Banner 728 x 90px all pages 12,00 BGN
Wallpaper banner inner pages 15,00 BGN

Technical requirements for banners Possible size
Possible banner size 40kB

Flash banners should be worked out for Flash 8 or earlier version.

The advertisement request should be sent at least 2 working days before starting the campaign.
The requests are being confirmed after verification of the correctness of the sent banners. We recommend the flash banners to be sent with FLA files, the used prints and a Back-up file.

PR and publications in

Publication types Price
Article in section Career Library 1000,00 BGN
Advertisement/PR material in section Career Library in a JobTiger Bulletin 1500,00 BGN


Articles The price includes: link on the home page to the article. File size: no limitations. Requirements: versions in Bulgarian and in English (the English version may be shorter) + thematic picture.
JobTiger bulletin The bulletin is published on the site and sent via email to all subscribed users - mainly employers.
File size: up to 1500 symbols (with the intervals). Bigger files are published as a separate article in the Career Library. The information in the bulletin contains link to the article. Requirements: text in Bulgarian + thematic picture.

Note: All prices are VAT excluded.

The advertising rate is valid since January 2014.

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