JobTiger Scholarship  2005/2006
"My career in Bulgaria"

"JobTiger" Scholarship is set up for the second time (see "JobTiger" Scholarship 2004/2005) this year.
One, two or three scholarships will be awarded, depending on the participants' performance in the competition.
The scholarship amounts to one minimal salary and is paid on a monthly basis.
The scholarship is for one academic year, as from 1 October 2005 to 30 June 2006.
The scholarship is paid in the end of every month, as from 31 October 2005.


Maria Kostova Tsantsarova Sofia University, Journalism and mass communication, 1st year Essay
One-time encouraging prize amounting to 100 BGN
Gergana Valentinova Demireva University of Plovdiv, Politology, 1st year Essay
Boris Kirilov Atanasov University of Plovdiv, International economic relations, 4th year Essay
Material prizes
Ina Vladimirova Vladimirova Sofia University, Pedagogy, 1st year Essay
Ivan Emilov Venkov New Bulgarian University, Politology, 1st year Essay
Reni Jivkova Petrova University of Economics – Varna, Accounting and control, 4th year Essay

Terms of participation

  1. Every Bulgarian citizen, student in a Bulgarian University may take part in the competition.
  2. Participants should prepare a CV and an essay on the subject "My career in Bulgaria".

Required documents

  1. CV.
    You can find a CV form on JobTiger's website, in the section "For Jobseekers / CVs". Registration in JobTiger is free of charge.
  2. Essay on the subject "My career in Bulgaria".
    Problems which the participant should analyze in the essay:
    • What in my opinion includes the notion "career"?
    • What does "career in Bulgaria" mean to me?
    • How do I see my future / How do I imagine my career in Bulgaria: what do I want to achieve - what are my goals and how in particular do I see my future (responsibilities, personal and professional development, material gains, social status and other)?
    • Is there a relation between education and career development – if yes, what is it?
    • What assistance do I expect from the state for achieving my goals?
    • How can educational institutions help me?
    • What requirements do I pose to myself? / What should I do to achieve my goals?
    • Do I believe in myself / in my capabilities?

Other information

  1. Information provided by a participant is confidential.
  2. The essay should be written in Bulgarian.
  3. The essay should be up to 15 pages long + up to 5 pages of supplements.
  4. The author presents and defends his essay personally.
  5. Participant could have only one essay.
  6. Essays’ evaluation criteria are:
    • Realism and knowledge of the subject;
    • Originality and creativity;
    • Usefulness and applicability of the ideas;
    • General impression of language, style, ideas.
  7. Essays' evaluation is done in four stages:
    • 1st stage: Evaluation of all received essays. It is done by JobTiger team. The 15 best essays are chosen;
    • 2nd stage: The 15 best essays are evaluated by independent arbiters (at least 2). The average evaluation given by the independent arbiters and JobTiger team is calculated. 5 finalists are nominated;
    • 3rd stage: Final stage. Finalists defend their essays in front of a jury (in the form of an interview). The best performed participant is nominated.
    • 4th stage: Signing the scholarship contract with the winner.

Deadline for applications

30 September 2005

To apply:

Send your essays and CVs to:
or to:
JobTiger / For the "My career in Bulgaria" competition
3, Shipka Str., fl.3
1504 Sofia

For more information: