Hacker Works
Expired job posting.
Front-End Developer
We are building sophisticated full-stack solutions for scale and long-term maintainability and we're looking for someone to join our full-stack team of hackers and help with front-end development.

Technical requirements:
- CSS, Sass or LESS
- JavaScript
- responsive web
- ECMAScript 6, CoffeeScript, TypeScript — any of these is a plus
- understanding of front-end development frameworks — Angular, React.js/Redux
- good understanding of HTTP, REST services and JSON

Seniority requirements:

You are:
- driven towards implementing layouts that look and act equally good on any viewport
- an amazing troubleshooter
- able to solve hard problems (the ones that you won’t gonna find on StackOverflow)
- able and expected to adopt new development and productivity tools —, Sketch
- able and expected to mentor junior and intermediate developers

You know how to:
- deliver working products and meet deadlines
- test your code using a variety of browsers and devices

You know what:
- corners can be cut and what corners should never be cut

You can and will:
- push back a problematic requirement if you know what the problems with it will be and can explain the same to the non-technical people

You have:
- good understanding in at least one front-end stack of tools and frameworks

Some familiarity and understanding of the following tools and principles:
- git
- Node and JavaScript build tools and package managers — npm, bower, gulp, grunt, webpack, etc.
- grid systems (we love Susy)
- SMACSS, OOCSS, BEM-naming convention, ITCSS, etc
- web performance

Working experience with the any of the following is a big plus:
- functional programming principles
- functional stream-based (aka FRP-inspired) libraries — Elm, RxJS, Kefir.js, Bacon.js, etc
- automated testing with tools such as Jasmine and Karma
- integration and end-to-end testing with Protractor and Selenium
- static site generators — Jekyll
- content management systems
- Scrum
- back-end development