Hacker Works
Expired job posting.
We are building sophisticated full-stack solutions for scale and long-term maintainability and we’re looking for someone to join our team of full-stack hackers and help us with the DevOps of our systems in productions.
Technical requirements:

- cloud (e.g. Amazon AWS - including EC2, RDS, S3, CloudFront, Beanstalk etc.)
- Linux-based systems in production
- application servers (e.g. Tomcat)
- web servers (e.g. nginx, Apache)
- virtualisation (e.g. VirtualBox)
- containers (e.g. Docker)
- continuous integration and build systems (e.g. Jenkins)
- scripting - bash or higher-level language such as Ruby or Python
- borderline development - Java is a big plus
- automation tools (e.g. Chef or Puppet)
- software configuration management (e.g. git)

Seniority requirements:

You are:
- someone that cares
- an amazing troubleshooter
- able to solve hard problems (the ones that you won’t gonna find on StackOverflow)
- able and expected to engineer and re-engineer processes together with the team
- able and expected to mentor junior and intermediates

You know how to:
- deliver working products and meet deadlines
- share ideas and get the team of hackers to think together about solving problems

You know what:
- corners can be cut and what corners should never be cut

You can and will:
- push back a problematic requirement if you know what the problems with it will be and can explain the same to the non-technical people

You have:
- broad technical background

Some familiarity and understanding of the following tools:
- maven
- unit testing
- integration testing
- performance testing
- UI automation
- logging

Working experience with the any of the following is a big plus:
- Cassandra database
- clusters
- big data