Which job is suitable for us and which is not?
How to distinguish "the good" job advertisement from the "bad" one?
How to prepare our application and apply for a job?
How to present ourselves in the best way at an interview?
What type of questions can we expect and how to answer them?
What should we do after the interview?

Every young person, who is searching for a job is facing these and many other questions. You will receive the answers at a series of workshops under the motto "Start your career with JobTiger and M-Tel" which will be organized once a month with the participation and support of M-Tel and other big Bulgarian companies.

The necessity to organize these workshops, as well as their format and content, came up as a result of JobTiger's experience in carrying out Job Fairs and the practice of M-Tel in hiring young people.

The workshops related to the process of job application will consist of the following topics:
  • Starting a job search (self-evaluation);
  • Where to look for job openings (types of advertisements, "good" and "bad" job advertisements, the recruitment agencies);
  • The CV;
  • The cover letter;
  • Getting ready for the interview;
  • During the interview (behaviour, appearance, FAQs, the "tough" question for salary expectations and many others);
  • The interview follow-up;
  • Where to find more information about the process of searching for a job.
The workshop is free of charge.

Workshops already held