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INENSIA is a young international company founded in late 2017, dynamically developing since then.

The company is specialized in providing to industrial customers all the services to digitalize the business processes in product engineering, simulation and production areas using PLM solutions (product life cycle management).

We partner with major PLM technology (Siemens, PTC, Aras, MPDV,...), and our customers are industrial companies in various sectors – electronics, mechanical engineering, automotive, aerospace, pharmaceutical etc.

INENSIA offers career development opportunities in the area of software programming and business consulting for industrial companies. Our job offers are in two main directions:

- Software Developers - if your education/experience and interests are in the area of Information Technologies (C#, C/C++, JavaScript, Java, Python);

- Business Consultants - if your education/experience and interests are in the area of Engineering Sciences.

INENSIA offers internship programs to give opportunities to young professionals to increase their work experience and acquire practical skills, thus bringing a major benefit to start their professional career.

INENSIA shares values to constantly develop people skills, team spirit, mutual respect and Lean approach. We are proud of the fact that we can contribute to the development and recognition of PLM benefits and the industrial digitalization in Europe.


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Our values:

Skills first > Hard and soft skills drive both client satisfaction and employees wellness – Continuous training and knowledge management are key.

Respect for everyone > Being respectful of our clients, employees, partners and competitors in any case is a long term investment for our image.

Lean everywhere > Establish priorities, avoid waste and adapt effort at every level will bring us investment capacity and flexibility.

Допълнителни придобивки

Корпоративна култура

The team in Sofia consists of young, smart, ambitious and motivated people with solid Industry/IT background and education.

The team in France comprises experts in the digitalization with extensive experience in consulting and implementation of software solutions in different industries.

We have a very casual and friendly atmosphere in the office. We used to organzie various events there - color days, cooking contests, birthday parties.

We also play table tennis, bowling, computer and board games.

Our team is thinking about the environment and we are collecting our waste separately.

There are a lot of musicians in our team - singers, guitarists and drummers - and a group of folk dancers.

We also adore hiking, mountains and skiing.

During the pandemy we establish several good practices - regular online events and meetings. All team members of Inensia in Bulgaria and in France usually took part in them.

We have weekly meeting for updating and informing the teams about company"s status and development. We also have online coffee meetings to relax and catch up with colleagues.

We made one fantastic contest with three stages: live quiz game; drawing game; guess my childhood picture game.

At present we have weekly online sports sessions - yoga and fitness classes, and different online group games.



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Офис удобства и придобивки

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We require CV from the applicants with description of previous experience and educational background.

The applications can be sent through our website or through our active adverts.

It usually takes no more than several days to receive a feedback in case the application is successful.


The interview process consists of three stages and a technical test:

1st stage: HR intervew;

2nd stage:

A) For Developers: Technical interview + technical test;

B) For Business Analysts: Functional interview;

3rd stage: Management interview.

The HR interview lasts approximately 45 minutes and its aim is to give information about the company and to get to know the applicant. It is conducted by the HR Specialist.

The technical interview lasts about 1 hour and it covers topics related with the technologies that are used in projects and daily tasks. It is led by a Senior Developer. The functional interview lasts around 45 minutes and is led by Senior Business Consultant.

The management interview is the last step in our selection process. It lasts around 30-40 minutes and is led by the Manager of Sofia office.

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