Sofia 50 - 300 employees


Accedia is an IT services company specializing in technology consulting and application development for both SMEs and large enterprises worldwide. Starting in 2012, we grew from a team of 4 to over 150 bright and brave people with a common vision – shape а young company into a leading IT solutions provider where technology experts are inspired to create.

Every day we build apps that connect businesses and end users, architect full-stack solutions and advise clients on their technology approach to solving business challenges. We are experts in a wide spectrum of technology areas - from Web & Mobile, through Business Intelligence, Cloud & IoT, to QA & Testing. And we never stop getting better – countless learning paths, internal workshops & tech events have inspired us to run our very own Innovation Development Center where we realize our brightest ideas & advance in areas like Machine Learning, AR/VR and AI.

To develop perfect fit technology innovations, we embrace change and thus, keep moving forward. The freedom to express ideas openly and have them heard is instilled in our culture and takes us to a whole new level in discovering smart ways to grow. We have also become one of the most attractive companies to be part of because we know how to enjoy our time together. But there’s much more to that, a culture of openness, learning and collaboration that you see best on the inside.

So be brave enough to come join us!