Are you often late for work in the morning?

And how often do you stay after work to compensate the morning delays?

Are you often late for work It is more than obvious that nowadays to be late for work is quite normal and permissible for many people in Bulgaria. A number of employers are apt to allow the morning delays for work in their striving for untroubled and creative office atmosphere. However some additional questions arise. How much time do we need in the morning to prepare for work? How much time do we spend smoking cigarettes or surfing in Internet or long lunch breaks? And in this almost intangible way "the time thieves" keep their beliefs that such practices are harmless, even more that they are useful and they are their dues.

There are countries where salary is paid per hour which allow much more liberal relations employer-employees and less stress and tension between them. There are, of course, companies where the usual practice is financial sanction for delay for work, and even employee dismissal. Barely 19% of the voters are worried about their job if they are late for work. Other 20% say that this is their normal daily round. The companies with steady policy regarding the working time surely have their problems with the working efficiency. In spite of all they have their solid basis rules, responsibility, sanctions.
The morning delays of 50% of the employees affect the whole working atmosphere, the quality of the management and work done.

An interesting measure brought in the airports lately is an electronic system which does not open the doors for the belated employees, air-hostesses, pilots. One second delay and you miss a flight and face all the following circumstances fees and black points. An analogical system has been brought in for passengers who could be tolerated recently.

Although the business does not need such merciless sanctions and limitations we still should think about observing the rules in our work. And about what will happen if we are in the office on time and easy prepare and start our day?

  • Answers
  • Always. I have morning management problem.
    9.04 %
  • Sometimes.
    13.49 %
  • Almost never. I am afraid of losing my job.
    32.96 %
  • Almost never. Otherwise I cant get my work done.
    44.51 %