Do employers reply to your applications?

Unfortunately the answer to the question arouses mainly negative emotions in most job seekers. The majority of the voters in this poll are not an exception too.

No answerWhy are job applicants vouchsafed no answer to their applications? Its hard to believe that making a few phone calls or sending a few email messages to the ones not fitting for the job is so difficult or resource-depriving action. However, most employers do not proceed this way ... by a number of reasons, probably seeming to be quite acceptable for themselves.

Most companies, or rather their HR departments, do not consider the fact that this communication is a two-sided process. And the lack of feedback in any communication almost always causes scepticism and negative moods. Because in such a situation the applicant starts asking questions - is this a real job, is the company a trustworthy one, and etc. And in the end the one turns out to be an unlucky person, again and again.

Its so pity that we are witnessing such situations every day. How long will these not so good practices continue? Because each one of us feels fine when things are clear, right? No matter if we are the offerers or the seekers.

  • Answers
  • Yes, if they invite me for an interview
    26.20 %
  • No one ever called me to tell me Im not approved
    33.25 %
  • No, do you think they will trouble themselves to do it
    22.42 %
  • I dont care; I already started a new job
    18.14 %