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JobTiger, TopTeam and
the "Bulgarian Dream" project of the Ministry of Economy
Since the beginning of the year the Ministry of Economy has started a national program for professional orientation and realization of young specialists and university students, entitled "The Bulgarian Dream". Various initiatives have been included into this project, such as: organizing summer internships for Bulgarian university students in leading institutions, multinational companies and organizations in and outside Bulgaria.

Joining their efforts in finding new opportunities for professional development JobTiger, TopTeam, and the Ministry of Economy would like to invite you to take part in the "Careers 2002" Forum, where graduating students and employers will be able to meet and get in contact. . Our aim is to help employers to recruit their personnel and to make it easier for graduating students in their search for the right jobs to start their professional careers.

The official media partner of "Careers 2002" is the "Pari" newspaper.

The "Careers 2002" Forum took place on May 21-22, 2002 at the WTC Interpred in Sofia.

Dear students,
If you are searching for challenging and dynamic career and/or start in a chosen professional field, we invite you to take part at the "Careers 2002" Forum, at the WTC Interpred on May 21-22, as well as to search and apply online for internship positions at

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