Информация за обявените стажантски и работни места
Фирма: Industrial Project Services (IPS)
Град: София, Пловдив, Варна
We are looking for mechanical, electro-mechanical and electronical engineers with university master degree

Within IPS an engineer starts on the level of Junior Project Manager. He will be responsible for small projects or together with a Senior for big projects. After a while the Junior Project Manager can upgrade to a Senior Project Manager. Than he will be responsible for larger project independent or for biggest and work together with a team. A Senior Project Manager get also a extra bonus per month. After a Senior you can become a Project Pilot, that means, that you train other Senior and Junior Project Managers. Finally you can become an Administrator. With this your career ends - you get responsibility on the group level.

Between Senior Pilot and Administrator you can become responsible for business units (e.g. BU Architecture) or SU (e.g. support unit training). Therefore you will also become a member of the management team, but without responsibility for financial department (Sofia, Germany, Belgium, China, etc.)

Here are the particular requirements for the prospect candiudates:
- at least 3 languages (1 mother language and business fluent English, plus basics in more);
- indipendency, able to work alone and supply high quality results;
- knowledge in Automation, domains control engineering and power drives;
- programing skills, prefered in Simens S7;
- knowledge of international standarts.

All requirements are not requested by the candidate. The first 2 are mandotory, the last 3 optional.