Информация за обявените стажантски и работни места
Град: София
Quality Assurance презентация ще тече и двата дни от 10 до 12 часа.
Technical Support презентация ще тече и двата дни от 14 до 17 часа.

Специалисти от съответните области ще бъдат на Ваше разположение за допълнителни въпроси в посоченото време.

SCIANT is one of the largest software outsourcing companies on the Bulgarian IT market.

What is it like to work at Sciant?

SCIANT is a company that most values its people. Since the company was established in 1996, our work abides by the following principles:

  • People can join us at every point of their career. If you have good knowledge background, strong motivation and potential to develop, then we are a match!
  • We encourage our teams for constant improvement by supporting everyone’s professional and personal growth
  • We have clearly defined working processes and company procedures
  • We encourage open communication and pro-active approach
  • We provide contemporary training and motivation programs

    Training programs at Sciant

    Although we have some of the best IT professionals in Bulgaria, we hire people from the very beginning of their career. We can identify your potential and then train you to get the maximum out of it at Sciant!

    We provide two types of training programs:

  • Long-term full-time training providing both theoretical and practical experience supported by our most senior people. When you are ready - you go to the next level as part of the commercial teams.
  • Short-term full-time internship programs providing supervised work on real-life non-commercial projects and letting you go through all stages of the software development process.

    Expert positions at Sciant

    In relation to our continuous growth, we are looking for experienced technical and business-oriented people as well.
  • Experienced .NET Developers - Ref. No .NET
  • QA Engineers - Ref. No QAGen
  • Experienced ABAP Developer - Ref. No ABTD
  • Technical Support Engineer - Ref. No TSBM

    We constantly recognize our people’s efforts and achievements in many different ways.
    We have built a culture based on learning.
    We show that we care.

    For more information, visit our web-site at www.sciant.com