Employee training

For us training is a priority and we define it coherently with the stakes of activity of EPIQ and in-company transfers. Highly demanding regarding your professionalism, following annual job appraisals, training programs, best practices for each level of experience and recognized know-how.

Management of human resources

  • Providing trust in people by authorizing responsibility
  • Encouraging initiatives and individual creativity
  • Promoting synergy between teams
  • Granting a right to make mistakes to the risk runners
  • Revealing leaders of tomorrow

Employer of Professionalism, intellect, quality

EPIQ EA is part of EPIQ Group with headquarters at EPIQ NV in Belgium. EPIQ Group has electronic sub-assembly and complete product manufacturing facilities in Mexico, France, Czech Republic and Bulgaria with a group component sourcing office in Shanghai.

EPIQ EA is the largest company in the group with facilities based in Botevgrad (60 km away from the capital city of Bulgaria - Sofia). EPIQ EA has been active since 1996 and currently employs1400 people. Our markets are divided as follows 80 % - Automotive,
15 % - Household Appliances and 5 % - Industrial Applications.

EPIQ EA has the total capability for developing and implementing a wide range of electronic sub-contracting projects from complete product design to complete product assembly. The location benefits from a large pool of experienced labor and qualified engineers.


Address: Bulgaria, Botevgrad 2140,
Industrial zone, Microelectronica,
PO Box 66
Fax: +359 723 68 246
Company website: www.epiq.com
Email: recruitment@epiq.com