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Up-to-date useful, practical advices for creating and using application documents that will best present you to the potential employer. Here you can find some guidelines for successful performance during the interview, as well as tips for what should be your post-interview strategy and how to assess what you are offered in terms of professional opportunities.
Useful advices and examples to guide you when creating your CV and to help you avoid some of the most common mistakes.
How to create good letter of intention practical guidelines which will help you to create cover letter in addition to your CV.
Helpful information about the preparation before the interview and successful performance. Here you can find some tips concerning your behavior during the interview, frequently asked questions and some advice for keeping in touch with the potential employer afterwards.
How to discover what is hidden behind the job offer see the basic features of the standard offer.
Here you can find information about who can provide references, what is their structure like and how to ask for them.
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