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Senior Web Developer
Senior Developers are integral to technology implementations of complex distributed Internet applications. Key responsibilities include creating UML model for projects, developing prototypes and final projects, creating QA plans, reviewing code, creating quality metric in a team, and keeping abreast of innovative software and internet trends and technologies. This individual is also responsible for managing up to six individuals in career aspects such as new hire integration, staffing, training, formal feedback, compensation adjustments, career development and role growth.
Компанията предлага
Comprehensive on-the-job training, including participation in conferences and trips to our Los Angeles office. The training programs include cutting-edge Internet technologies, and have been extracted directly from the practice. Our rich library with professional books, magazines and CDs, as well as our high-speed Internet connection are inseparable parts of everyone’s work.
Изисквания към кандидата
3-4 years experience in software development.
Experience working with creative and design teams.
Proficiency in as many of the following languages as possible C/C++, Perl/PHP3/ASP, XML, SOAP, Java, Javascript, and SQL.
Experience in development of content management system and customer relationship management systems.
Acquaintance with use cases modeling (UML).
Strong familiarity with contemporary OS architectures and hardware platform architectures.
Thorough acquaintance with modern computer algorithms.
Excellent written and oral communication skills along with ability to meet tight deadlines under stress.
Quality assurance skills.