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Web Developer
Web Developers are responsible for executing complex and dynamic web production tasks, including DHTML authoring, Javascript, optimizing and animating web graphics, scanning, digitizing video and audio, and testing on various browsers, platforms, and monitor configurations. Other key responsibilities include developing user interface frameworks, preparing and optimizing graphical assets, and researching Web technologies and tools.
Компанията предлага
Comprehensive on-the-job training, including participation in conferences and trips to our Los Angeles office. The training programs include cutting-edge Internet technologies, and have been extracted directly from the practice. Our rich library with professional books, magazines and CDs, as well as our high-speed Internet connection are inseparable parts of everyone’s work.
Изисквания към кандидата
1-2 years experience in web site development.
Guru-level knowledge of HTML, DHTML, CSS, Javascript, and/or Perl.
Optimization skills (Can you turn 15k of HTML into 7k?).
Adobe PhotoShop, Macromedia Flash, Firewoks, ImageReady, DreamWeaver.
Trick of the trade to make web pages compatible for various browsers.
Basic experience with a content management and customer relationship management systems.
Web navigation standards, best practices, and guidelines.
Ability to devise well-structured QA plans.