• Do you need more spare time?

    Wednesday, 02 July 2008
    Do you see a situation which is NOT familiar to you:

    " ... Yes, I would come with pleasure but I didn’t find a baby-sitter; I have to iron, clean the house and drive my car to car wash. Tomorrow I will go to the doctor and queue up... I am sorry it won’t happen ... this time. Call me the next time you plan something!"


    "...Yes, it sounds great, but I am really tired – I have been cleaning, ironing and baby-sitting the whole day. And this is not all – the car is out of order and my husband is not at home... I have no strength left; I will come some other time!"

    Yes, it sounds familiar. It has been happening. Yes, it happens more and more often. Or not!
    If only there is a reliable, effective and beneficial way someone else to do all these things for me! When I need, where I want and how many times I have to ...

    Join the people who have spare time for them and use the JobTiger services for lightening the daily life.

    What kind of services can I use:
    • home and car maintenance and repairs;
    • 24/7 road help;
    • 24/7 access to urgent medical aid;
    • hourly baby-sitting;
    • office/home dry cleaning;
    • financial and credit consultations.
    How can I use JobTiger services for lightening the daily life:

    Order Tiger Club Assistance Card

    With this card you get access to the assistance services of JobTiger through call center and a web site, so you can learn more about each service. If the prices are not determined in advance, you can get more information directly from the supplier.

    The card’s price is 50 leva with VAT included for 1 year access to the assistance services.

    What can I get from the assistance card:
    • You save money and lighten your daily life;
    • You are confident in the reliable suppliers, who offer quality services in convenient time and low prices;
    • All the services are performed from door to door;
    • You have the opportunity to refuse a service, as JobTiger will undertake all the initially made expenditures for views or other preliminary activities;
    • 24-hour service;
    • Unlimited use of the services;
    • The assistance card can be used also by the other members of the family.
    Who can buy a card for assistance services:
    • Individual customers;
    • Corporative clients and organizations.
    Contact us for more information and buying of assistance card and plan your spare time!

    T: 02/ 49 180 29
    E: tigerclub@jobtiger.bg
    W: www.jobtiger.bg/tcco
for more information:
0886 696 275