• OpenID login in JobTiger

    Thursday, 08 April 2010
    Jobseekers in JobTiger can now easily access their site profiles throughj the open standard for standardization OpenID which allows users to use the same login data for different web sites.
      JobTiger  OpenID.png
    OpenID login can be used by both new and already registered users. This way they identify themselves in JobTiger without entering email address (or username) and password for login or filling in a registration form for a new profile. Once they connect their registration with their OpenID account the can easily enter their JobTiger profile with their OpenID data.
    There is a quick access to some of the most popular OpenID providers on the JobTiger login page. Users can also enter the address of their OpenID provider manually. Each JobTiger registration can be connected with several OpenID accounts. The user can see and edit the list with his/hers OpenID accounts in their profile.
    With the opportunity for OpenID login (along with the standard way and the Facebook connect login) JobTiger aims at facilitating the access to the personal sections of the site and this way - the easiest and effective usage of the services for jobseekers.