• First Outdoors Workshop "My Career 2011" Organized by Varna Free University and JobTiger Finished Successfully

    Tuesday, 31 May 2011
    On May 11th, 2011 in Varna was held the First outdoors workshop „My Career 2011”. The event was organized by the Varna Free University and JobTiger with the kind support of Together Ltd.

    The event was attended by companies from the IT sector, tourism industry, financial and insurance institutions, consulting and marketing firms, NGOs and local government representatives, etc.
    The workshop was officially opened by Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Pavel Pavlov. Prior the opening, representatives of companies and institutions visited the basis of VSU and met with the academic board.

    Once again, students had the opportunity to meet with employers from various industrial branches, that provide places for student trainings and internships, and also free job positions.

    The objectives of the event were: enhancing the ability to provide places for student internships and open job positions in leading Bulgarian and foreign companies and institutions; achieving greater awareness of students on important issues for their career development and professional realization. Also, joining the efforts of the university Career Center, the faculties and their departments to motivate students to participate in such events organized by VFU.

    The expected results are maintaining long-term relations with employers and establishing new contacts to ensure specific internship and job positions; obtaining feedback from employers and updating the information on career development of graduates of VFU; reaching higher commitment of academic departments to the search for new opportunities for practical training and professional realization of students; organizing the workshop "My Career 2011"and other similar events related to career development and professional realization of the students, on annual basis.

    On the eve of the 20th anniversary of the university, the workshop is one of the important events related to the career development of the students. As part of JobTiger initiatives to create favorable environment for the development and retention of young professionals in Bulgaria, the idea is to provide direct contact between students and Bulgarian and foreign business.