University degree leads to a significant increase in salary

Tuesday, 12 June 2018
The remuneration of higher education graduates is growing faster than that of secondary school leavers

Having higher education certainly pays off due to its positive impact on salary. Salary increases and salary growth for university graduates pursuing careers are unmatched, as analyzed by According to employee salary analysis, graduates earn a monthly average up to half more than secondary school leavers. The pay gap increases with age, as graduate employees enjoy dynamic wage growth throughout their careers. In terms of life-long income, secondary school leavers will never manage to narrow the wage gap with graduates.

Educational level has a significant impact on living standards. Among the surveyed countries, the highest added value has the university diploma in Hungary, where university graduates earn on average up to 69% more than those with secondary school education. On the other hand, the lowest remuneration in terms of education are in Bulgaria and Slovakia, where higher-education graduates receive only a third more than those without higher education. Data for Bulgaria is collected through the portal