Маркдетурк и Ко ООД (IDEAS Bulgaria)
Обявата е изтекла.
Sales assistant
We are IDEAs FreeBoss- international training, coaching and consulting company and we deliver services that help our clients handle in a more efficient way the problems that they encounter in their business and professional life. We are able to do this thanks to the Know-How we have from the unique Hubbard Management System we use, and also from the years of practical experience gained- last year we celebrated our company’s 21th anniversary on the market.

Our goal is together with the business people in Europe and all over the world to create a more sane economic revival.

And maybe you can help us.

Because today for our head-quarter office in Sofia we need in our team a sales assistant to sign a full-time contract with Marcdeturck and Co Ltd. And here is what we picture this person to be:

- Someone that loves to communicate with people via all kinds of channels- telephone, meeting, e-mail and whatever else is needed; Previous experience in telemarketing or a call center is high advantage.

- Someone who loves to grow and loves to help other people also to grow;
- Someone who is extremely active and likes to be busy all day long, doing many different activities, all aligned with the end result needed to be achieved;
- A person who does not stop when there is a problem but is able to very fast handle and continue on the ball;
- A person who has the ability to answer the high standards that we follow and if not yet at that level at least to have the willingness to reach them;
- A MUST is someone who loves to telephone people;

Is this you? And please be honest with yourself before you apply, because in the end we will know. And if not we will all be wasting time and this is not efficient, right?

So this is really you then? Great!

Just to make the game more interesting for you we would like to put some barriers.

- You should speak fluently English, since we are international company and we use it in all our communications and staff training. Other languages like Russian, Dutch, French or German will be great advantage, as well as a driving license.

Are you still convinced we can play together? Great! Than we need to meet you! Hurry up and apply via the button below (and of course we will review your application following strictly the laws on data confidentiality) OR feel free to find any other way to get in communication with our team!