Aglaya-Iglika Hristova
Senior Full Stack Developer
Have you ever…
…wanted to be a part of a company which has taken everything good from the world of business and has left its own employees be its owner
…wondered what it feels like to start a project from scratch and not wait for 10 approvals before even choosing a playlist in YouTube
…thought that it is really awesome to hear about a cool training or a conference and have your company invest in your participation right away, no questions asked

Yes? Good.

So…we were wondering whether you:
…also think that back-end and front-end division is for the lame and full stack rules the world
…know what Java is all about and the Java Enterprise Framework has some pretty great moves as well
…and hey, don’t forget about those JavaScript frameworks, because there ain’t no party going down without those guys
…have done some unit and integration testing on your way here
…met some version control systems and wondered where to put them
…are asking yourself when we were going to mention what else we work with like Groovy, Spring, Spring MVC, Angular, Angular 2, ExtJS and NodeJS
…find that a combination of Scrum and Kanban is a good choice

Yes? Great.

How do you feel about:
…having colleagues from 7 countries (which makes at least 7 places you can go and instantly have someone to have a beer with)
… rocking in the office and work from home when you feel like it
…having your voice heard – not only during that karaoke night when there is that one song everyone wants to sing but no one knows the lyrics to

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