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Senior Embedded Systems Developer Engineer and Team Leader
Stealthcom Labs BG is the development arm of Stealthcom U.S.A.
Located in the Silicon Valley of the Balkans, Stealthcom Labs are engaged in bringing to completion our ambitious project, Stealthcom Secure, a next generation of secure consumer, professional and corporate communications tools to the global markets.

At present we are hiring for:

Senior Embedded Systems Developer Engineer - Team Leader

• Working with systems infrastructure (knowing what hardware to ask for , what OS to install, how to prepare the system and dependencies for all software)
• Having experience in embedded systems, been able to configure an OS to conform to the hardware design and memory map the system. Linux Experience a must.
• Understanding, creating, manipulating, and querying databases
• experience in API / back-end code in one or more languages, e.g. Ruby, Java, Python, etc., third party libraries and APIs.
• Been able to assist with Front-end code in one or more languages, e.g. HTML, JavaScript, Java, Angular, etc.
• Competent Project management / client work, e.g. gathering requirements, creating technical specifications and architecture documents, creating good documentation, managing a project timeline.

We see an Embedded Systems Engineer as a professional who must have knowledge that is a mile wide, yet deep enough, to where he/she is able to observe real time constraints and control/minimize latencies.

The successful candidate will have minimum 3 years of proven experience working with core competencies in Linux (Debian, CentOS), Database design, manipulation, and query, back-end technologies (Java, Ruby, and Python), and some front-end design (HTML, Vanilla JavaScript, and jQuery), as well as 2 years proven management experience as team leader acting as SCRUM Master and lead developer, gathering requirements, execute tasks, and document all efforts.
At Stealthcom been a Sr. Engineer in charge means being pushed outside of your comfort zone to constantly learn new skills while assisting and even mentoring.

Please Note: Candidate with Experience in Embedded Systems Technologies will be preferred.

Please submit your detailed resume (CV) via Apply button.