Expired job posting.
Welder based in Sweden
Our client is looking for welders for Jönköping area, Sweden.
Period of work – START ASAP until minimum 30 November (stay not exceeding 180 days and no work during Christmas holiday).

Hours per week: 50

Pay per hour: Euro 13.50 (Bulgarians BTBG system 35%).

Work tasks: Construction and welding in a workshop and at construction sites. Important that the applicant has the knowledge to read standard drawings in the profession. The client constructs steel constructions for the use at banisters (Swedish: Trappräcken).

Client states that a Smith (Swedish: Smed) in Sweden is a person who can help with simple actions to build something a client need. Such a person should have a degree of independence in the way to carry out the task. However, there will always be people at the work site to ask but a degree of independence is expected.

Qualifications: Licence for welding numbers 111, 136 and 138. Hot work certificate, experience with forklift, also other lifts (Swedish: bomlift and saxlift), ability to read drawings.

Note: candidates who only have part of the qualifications should still apply to see if they can be accepted.

Language: Basic English, Polish or Swedish recommended. By Bulgarian candidates enough if some speak English.

Other details: Drivers License, welding helmets if the candidate has.

Accommodation fixed by the client as maximum two people in a bedroom, access to living room, kitchen, shower and 24/7 wifi at the accommodation.

Travel to and from Sweden paid by A1 Staff KB.