Jarvis OOD
Expired job posting.
Frontend C# WPF Dev / Trading and Blockchain Software
Jarvis is building an entire ecosystem to change the way people are managing their money, trading and investing. The ecosystem is supported by Blockchain technologies.

This ecosystem includes AI (IBM Watson), a cutting-edge trading platform, a social network, a marketplace and a payment system with our own Debit Card, ATM network, and more.

We are currently expanding our team in Sofia, and are looking for creative and experienced frontend C# WPF developer.

About your role :
- You will be part of a team who is developing the interface of our trading platform, connected to several brokers and exchanges
- You will integrate our innovative trading features
- You will create visual effects and work with SCI Chart Library

About the position :
- In Sofia, Bulgaria, in our office behind Vitosha Boulevard
- We are offering a career on a long-term project
- You will be part of the core team
- Competitive salary and bonuses
- Cool office atmosphere and coworker
- Very strong team and project

About you :
- Have to master Github workflow
- Experience using common design patterns
- High standards for code quality, maintainability, and performance
- Good communication skills
- Knowledge of Continuous Integration is a plus
- Minimum 3 years of experience in C# desktop
- Minimum 2 years of experience in WPF
- Experience with asynchronous programming.

About the team :
Most of our team has a financial background and have worked several years in the trading and brokerage industry.

The founders include successful entrepreneurs who have built one of the biggest trading communities in France and the 3rd Biggest MT4 broker in the world.

Other members of the team are IT “geeks” and programmers with incredible programming and IT skills.

About the company :
Jarvis OOD is a French/Bulgarian company, currently hiring 21 persons, in Bulgaria, France, Monaco, Spain and Croatia and who has successfully raised funds for its project.

Jarvis does not stand alone but is part of an alliance which currently includes 5 other companies working with blockchain and mobile technologies that deal with Data monetization, payment solutions, banking, education, speculation, and charity work.