What motivates you most at work?

Employers Branding It should be obvious that people have to be satisfied if they receive good salaries up to their own standards and understanding. It is even proven by the answers in the recent poll (44%).

But what happens in the real life is a bit different. In the times before the crisis most of the employers were competing who would offer more expensive and extraordinary benefits and mega extras towards the salaries of the employees. But there were no evidences of bigger efficiency or motivation from the other side.

So the question is how long it will take this game and how many crises do we need to learn our lessons!?

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  • Answers
  • The possibility to be promoted.
    10.89 %
  • Remuneration.
    43.55 %
  • Getting personal satisfaction.
    36.69 %
  • To win the respect of my co-workers/boss.
    8.87 %