• Organizational design – structure of the company, channels of communication. Strategic and operative consulting in the Human Resources field – full audits and advice for development, optimization and action plans.
  • Assistance with hiring staff and hiring practices. Planning, budgeting, management systems, assessment centres, plans for career development. We aim to find the appropriate people on the right place in the expected time in order to meet the requirements of our customers. We cooperate the candidates in their professional realization according their trends for career growth.
  • Assessment. Management of the employees individual performance - annual assessment systems, training of the management for systems' use.
  • Training and development strategies. Creating leaders' competences models. Organizing trainings needed for the right company functioning.
  • Compensations and benefits. Developing systems and politics for compensations and benefits, bonus schemes, turnover analysis, etc.
  • Administration - safely and healthy working conditions. Consulting and outsourcing.
Implementation of the Human Resources Management Program as an instrument for improving company effectiveness usually continues 12-24 months.
You receive individual approach by a JobTiger consultant at disposal in your company.