Price List and Services Description

All services for individuals, jobseekers, are free of charge.

Here you can find JobTiger's pricelist and description of the services for employers. All prices are VAT excluded.
"Jobtiger" Ltd. is registered under the VAT law.

Job posting

All job postings are equal and are ranked according to the order of publication - the latest ads are at the top of the list. Each posting may be valid for a period of 30 days from the date of publication.

Each ad can be distinguished by its own vision, which includes: adding a cover image, a photo and up to two videos.


- Publish correct content - (each job posting is reviewed and verified by our staff prior publication);
- Have easy access to applications - (you have the possibility to receive applications directly to your email or storing them online in the system of;
- Reach more potential candidates with one job posting - (you have the opportunity to add up to 5 locations and 5 business sectors in a job posting);
- Various ways for application - (with attached CV, internal CV or via external link leading to client’s system);
Services Period Price
Branded Job Posting 30 days 60.00 BGN

Packages for job posting publication

Make it easier to plan your annual budget!
Companies that publish frequently or large number of job listings can benefit from JobTiger packages.
- We offer you a bundle price for publishing job ads at a discount;
- Subscription listings have a maximum duration of 30 days;
- You have the opportunity to post the purchased postings within 12 months.
Jobs Number for 12 months Price
12 696.00 BGN Order
24 1260.00 BGN Order
36 1944.00 BGN Order
60 3120.00 BGN Order
84 4284.00 BGN Order
120 6000.00 BGN Order
*If an employer wants a job posting publication from JobTiger staff, an additional administrative fee is applied – 120.00 BGN per posting.

Additional Services

Employer profiles of serve as an employer branding tool and enable you to supplement and enrich your presentation to the candidates.
Every employer profile is displayed for the period the company has active job postings.
We also offer an opportunity for year-round positioning of the employer profile of
Services Period Price
Company profile for 12 months 300.00 BGN

JobTiger Portfolio

JobTiger offers more services in human resources area such as recruitment, staff leasing, career counseling, training and
organizing events.

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