JobTiger team organizes events for HR professionals, useful and interesting corporate trainings and teambuildings and specialized events for students and young professionals.

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Our mission to provide users and clients with the most appropriate to their needs services and products naturally lead to the creation of business with focus on planning, organizing and holding events. Organization of events accompanies the activities of JobTiger since the company was established. With over 11 years experience in the field of human resources and other activities related to the labor market in Bulgaria, we have the confidence and courage that we can meet a wide range of needs and expectations.

Career Forums

Organization of career forums is a trademark of JobTiger. Over the years these events grow and multiply to meet the needs of students, job seekers and employers.

National Career Days is a forum for students internship and career held in the major university centers around the country since 2002. Over the years the forum was visited by over 224 000 students and 1231 leading companies participated in it.

Career Days devoted to sectors IT | Telecommunications | BPO - the purpose of the forum is to meet students who want to develop in the sectors IT, Telecommunications and BPO, with leading companies that offer opportunities for career development in these areas.

Career Days in the sectors: Economy | Finance | Human resources | Marketing | Customer support - in the event take part companies that offer internship positions and open job positions in the sectors of Economy, Finance, Human resources, Marketing, Customer service.
To Career Days in UMWE, come students and young professionals graduated various economic majors.

Virtual Career Days is the only career forum in Bulgaria, which will is held entirely online.

Be conference is the place where young people with interest in information technology meet with innovative and modern companies, leaders in various sectors of information technology, which abandon the tradition to participate in a different form of communication.
The focus of the event is innovations in IT, the way in which they are applied in practice from the view of the particular company, as well as, real problems solved during the working process.

For employers:

For students and job seekers:

Events for HR specialists/professionals

  • HR Industry - is the firstexhibition,presentingproducts and servicesforhuman resources management.
  • HR beer informal event held several times a year for maintaining contacts between professionals in human resources area.

Specialised events

In view of all various projects managed by JobTiger, we oraganize events presenting, supplementing or accomplishing a project. Furthermore, we organize events related to the projects of our partners and clients. We are ready to accept any challenge that our customers have chosen to trust us.

  • Business Leaders and HR Meetup gathers owners and managers of companies from different business sectors and HR professionals in one place. The purpose of these meetings is during the panel discussions to discuss current trends and issues in the labor market and the suggestions for solving them.
  • TOP ICT Employer - The first survey, study and ranking of leading companies in the sector of information and communication technologies (ICT), operating in Bulgaria. The ranking is based on specially developed methodology for determining of preferred employer based on objective indicators.
  • IT Olympics - covers five areas - Perl, Java, C, SQL, and Unix / Linux, and the big prize for the best participants is employment contract with the prestigious software company Comptel.
  • Innovation Challenge - is a competition for ambitious young managers who turn creativity into profitable bottom lines continuously seek new ways to improve their companys business model, processes, practices, products or services.
    Innovation Challenge 2012 is looking for the successful professionals who know how to improve the set business models and to find new ones using creativity and innovation.
  • The person that inspires me - Who are the new people with positive impact on our lives?
    The initiative aims to unite like-minded people in search of the new Bulgarians, who have a positive image and impact on different aspects of our lives - education, science, art, business, sports. People who inspire and motivate others with their actions and provide a positive example of influence on economic development and personal growth.
  • The book, that inspires me - Which are the books with positive impact on our lives?
    Inspiration is the source of new ideas, some of them change the world, some of them change ourselves. If you find where to get this precious treasure from, you won't have any day of sadness in your life!
    The person that inspires me was the first project in which we from JobTiger looked for the inspiration. We looked for it in people, now we turn to something more intransitive - books. Books are valuables, books are experience, books are fun. Let's tell about them, let's find these that have influence on us and have truly inspired us in one way or another.
  • Team buildings and team events
    JobTiger organizes interesting, uncommon and useful corporate trainings and teambuildings. Each team eventis developed individually to answer the specific needs of the company.
    So far, from our services have successfully benefited companies like Comtel, Borika, etc.

All the events that JobTiger organizes and those the company is part of, you can see also in the "Events" section.