What is outplacement?

The Outplacement is a service supporting dismissed employees in their job searching process, provided by a specialized company at employer's expenditures.
The service usually includes career consulting, preparing of documents for job applying (CV, cover letter, etc.), preparing for a job interview, as well as active paricipation of the consultant in the job searching process.
The outplacement process usually continues a few months (between 4 and 6) and aims at decreasing the negative consequences from the job loss.
As a result of the world economic crisis the outplacement services become more and more popular in USA and Western Europe. We, from, also started helping companies to ensure this different kind of support to their employees.

Why is this service useful?

  • It helps the employer to identify the best way for supporting their dissmissed employees.
  • It helps the dissmissed employees through individual or group coaching sessions, career consulting and motivation seminars, workshops for increasing the employment skills, strategies for job searching and appropriate professional realization, consultations for starting own business. The dismissed employees will be registered in the JobTiger database and will be duly informed for available job positions.
  • It helps the employees, not affected by the dismissal, to avoid the "Who's next?" syndrome, to keep their effectiveness and not feel guilty. We aim at achieving more engagement and motivation of those employees through professional consultations.

Outplacement service includes continuous support in the process of searching and finding a job (recruiters from JobTiger are available to navigate, support, provide guidance, and assist in the implementation of the strategic plan for career development), that can involve additional meetings, telephone conversations and written correspondence.

The combination of group and individual meetings is the most effective support for people who are changing not only employment but also the industry as a whole. This approach ensures support in long-term aspect, not a single action, which leads to increased knowledge and motivation of jobseekers.