HR Outsourcing

By hiring JobTiger as your HR department you are optimizing your expenses and gain time for your core business.

Full or partial export of your company human resources activities to JobTiger. The service may include:
  • Human Resources consultations.
  • Payroll, documents processing and staff administration.
  • Staff leasing.
  • Optimizatin of the company structure and internal processes.
  • Staff recruitment - full or partial.
  • Creating and implementing communication strategies and corporate identity.
  • Employer branding.
  • Performance assessment and payment schemes according personal achievements.
  • Career consulting for your employees.
  • Creating and popularizing internship programs.
This way:
  • You are focusing on your business.
  • You are optimizing your expenses.
  • You are outsourcing your administrative and supporting processes.
  • We are optimizing your human recourses and remain responsible for the people you are dismissing.
Outsourcing to JobTiger provides everything you need to have peace of mind and more time to manage your business.

Top clients
Since April 2009 JobTiger is working together with the company managerial staff for building HR politics, systems for assessment and training, as well as recruitment.