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Working with our HR company, you earn:

  • Quality of candidates, because we can test their skills and abilities, and check their recommendations;
  • Speed, because we are a team of proven professionals and work flexibly and dynamically;
  • Time, because you review only suitable candidates;
  • Access to proven professionals, because we are interviewing them for 11 years;
  • Consultation on important for you HR topics, because we have cuntinuous overview on the entire labor market;
  • Innovative strategies and different channels/resources for attracting suitable candidates, because today life is innovative;
  • Optimization of social networks as a recruitment tool;
  • Executive search, because sometimes you might need the particular expert;
  • Guarantee for the appointed professionals;
  • Optimal price for the specific service, because everyone has different needs;
  • Fair and ethical business partner, because we want to build a long-term relations;
  • Pleasure working with us, because JobTiger works with pleasure.

For more information:

T: +359 2 49 180 15/ 16/ 17