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Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF)

Global Career Development Facilitator Program (GCDF)
GCDF is an international program for team leaders training and human resources specialists

The main  development of the potential of the employees as individuals and as a team; development of consulting, couching and mentoring skills.
The methodology developed on the basis of the positive reflection; oriented to the strengths, skills and knowledge of the person; not neglecting the deficits and development opportunities; includes psychological methods as well as career consulting helping tools.
The acquired skills  applicable in the recruitment processes; for development of evaluation models and training programs; for giving feedback; for employees orientation and dismissal.
The training finishes with an international certificate.
The system created in 1997 NBCC International, USA; acknowledged in more than 40 countries all over the world.
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PEP - Personal efficiency program

PEP - Personal efficiency program

The training This is product № 1 in the world for development of skills for organizing of efficient work process in the last 27 years, worldwide. It is used in 36 countries, and up to now over 1 000 000 top managers are trained.
The focus The results of the program - 2 hours saved time per day, increased work motivation, higher and tangible results, reduced costs.
The methodology The training method is a combination of group work and individual coaching approach.

JobTiger is official distributor of PEP Worldwide Bulgaria.
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Practical HR School

Practical HR School

In difference to the standart trainings and seminars, the School is build on the basis of great experience, observations and ideas applied in the practice. Our philosophy is focused on the search of possibilities and resources in the future rather than on the analyses of past problems.

The School covers maximum of the spectrum of activities and problems in the HR sphere: administration, work health and safety, recruitment, assessment systems, trainings, coaching and other elements from activities related to the development of the human capital.

Goals and decisions - steps for achievement Program:
• Goals and decisions - two worlds or one universe?
• Types and varieties of goals
• Visualization and development of goals
• Specifics of the best goals
• How decisions support goals?
• Steps to successfully achieve your goals
Stress controlling strategies Program:
• Stress, what is this?
• Stress, stress factors, variations of stress
• Mental traps and behavioral responses
• Challenge your beliefs
• Life, action-oriented
• Goals - planning and development
• Techniques for overcoming stress
• Relaxing techniques
• Stimulating techniques
• Focus on a better life
• The perfect balance
Motivation vs self motivation
of the personnel
• Motivation - two sides of the same coin
• Incentive and motivation
• Myths about motivation
• Motivational factors
• Individual motivators
• Motivation and communication
• Motivation and teamwork
• Goals and motivation
• Planning and pursuing goals
• The double star of motivation
• Commitment to work
• Prizes and support
• My motivation ladder
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Employee assistance program/EAP/

Employee assistance program/EAP/

This is an innovative package of services for employees and their families, provided by the employer and designed to improve the overall performance of the employees, their motivation and sense of commuunity wothin the company.

About the program The Employee assistance program provides:
  • psychological support and consultations to employees and their families by experienced professionals with extensive experience;
  • use of the method of decision-focused short therapy;
  • coaching and specialized services for managers and managerial staff;
  • consultation at a convenient for the employee time, by telephone, via Skype or in person;
  • strict confidentiality, etc.
Benefits for the company
  • The program reduces the losses for the company from employee absences, disability, inefficiency, conflicts, medical and drug costs, payment of compensations, wasted working hours, etc.
  • With EAP the company becomes a preferred working place for its social policy and the care for its employees;
  • A sense of satisfaction and loyalty of employees is created, leading to more dedication and professionalism in the workplace.
The offer for the service includes PIC Center and JobTiger offer three types of packages for the service: basic, extended and full package.

Based on your choice we can offer combined packages to meet at most the necessities of your company.
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Rhetorics and argumentation techniques

Rhetorics and argumentation techniques
A professional training for non-professionals

The fear from public speaking  is more powerful than the fear of death, giving birth or the dentists!
We every day communicate sell, convince, express and stand up for our ideas.
There is more we could learn  about rhetorics, effective speech composition, public presentations, leading a dispute and argumenting in a crisis situation.
The training is suitable for everyone who thinks speaking is important!
The lecturers the team of PhD Georgi Kapriev, director of the "History of Philosophy" department to the Faculty of Philosophy of the Sofia University. Expert in applied argumentation, image making, public speaking, leadership and negotiations.
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A team event „Day of the Health”!

A team event „Day of the Health”!
Company training for increasing the working efficiency and quality of life through correct movement.

Exercises to regulate and harmonize your body

The system comes from the Eastern traditional medicine and the practice of the martial arts.
The exercises ensure diseases prevention, increase the working efficiency and the quality of life; improve metabolism; decrease the risk of heart troubles and ensure better oxygen supply to the brain, nerves and the tissues.
The training suitable for teams and individuals; people at all ages; people with health problems!
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Assessment center

Assessment center
Complex approach for employees recruitment and attestation.
Includes different texts and exercises for long-period observation and comparison of sought qualities, skills and gifts. Development of personal plans for career and professional growth.
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Trainings for "soft skills" development and improvement

Trainings for "soft skills" development and improvement
Trainings, related to comuunication, teamwork, feedback, leadreship, personal growth in professional environment.
The trainings are held by psychologists, experienced in organizational consulting and conducting of assessment centers for developing the employees' potential.
The programs are developed individually, in dependence of the company request.

Indoor and outdoor team buildings and team events<

Indoor and outdoor team buildings and team events
Irregular, interesting, and useful company trainings.