• JobTiger's thematic meeting in spring

    Monday, 02 May 2011
    For a while JobTiger offers a variey of interesting trainings related to the individual development, as well as increasing the teamwork quantity.
    Recently we have added some new unique offerings and we would like to invite you to a glass of wine where we can tell about them and to meet you with the leaders.
    We will be expecting you at May, 17th, 17:30, Mati-D Hall (National Palace of Culture)!
    For specialists:
    1. International certificational training for career counselors GCDF – specialized training about people working with people.
    2. Staff accessment centers.
    For employees and teams:
    1. Rhetorics and argumentation technique – suitable for people who would like to improve their presentation preparation and presenting skills. Very useful for sales specialists and managers.
    2. Not forced communication – oriented towards developing the skills for understanding each other when talking. Suitable for teams.
    3. Exercises to regulate and harmonize the body – suitable for every company, who cares about the health of their employees.
    4. Development  and improving the soft skills and the leader's potential.
    5. Teambuildings and team events - indoors and outdoors.
    You may find more details about these trainings in our portfolio.

    You will make our work easier, if you confirm your presence via e-mail or phone!

    For more details, please contact us!

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