Chapter . GENERAL

Section . Definitions

Jobtiger, by virtue of these present general terms, is a website, hereinafter also referred to as the system, owned by JOBTIGER OOD, Sofia, registered as per company file No 12937/1999, having its seat and registered office in Sofia 1000, 13 Veslets Street, BULSTAT Number 130175259, registered as per the VAT Law, and providing services, information etc., related to job search and job offers, and should the legal person be meant in the context, than Jobtiger shall be JOBTIGER OOD itself.
The definitions You, Customer, Visitor and User used in these present terms shall apply to any person and/or body visiting or using this website. Employer, as per these present terms of use, means customer logged into the system (Jobtiger) through its employers account. Job seeker, by virtue of these present terms of use, means customer, logged into the system (Jobtiger) through its job seekers account. System, by virtue of these present terms of use, means JobTiger,,,,,,,,,,,,, and their related sites.

Section II. General rules

  1. These general terms shall govern any use of the services provided by Jobtiger to the Customer, as well as the rights and obligations of Jobtiger, and the Customer respectively, related to those said services. By using Jobtiger the Customer undertakes to observe all rights and to meet all conditions as specified below.
  2. These general rules shall apply to JobTiger,,,,,,,,,,,,, and their related sites. Should any general terms of use be made for any one of these said related sites, they will be the general terms of use in force for this particular related site. These present General terms shall also apply to the mobile version of Jobtiger as wap etc., under observation of the general terms of the mobile services providers.
  3. The entire information, composition and design of Jobtiger, as well as the name itself are protected by the Copyright law and all rights related thereto. This site or any parts thereof may not be reproduced, imitated, copied, sold, re-sold or used for commercial purpose, without the express consent of Jobtiger. The contents of this site may only be used for non-commercial, private purpose. Any use beyond this context publishing of text, or any part thereof without Jobtigers knowledge, feeding of databases for commercial purpose, distribution of text under any form, for any purpose and on any media or computer environment, as well as any other form of commercial use is prohibited, and shall be subject to a strict legal prosecution.
  4. Any and all trademarks, logos and symbols used on this website are a sole property of their respective owners.
  5. Jobtiger is entitled to amend or cancel any of the conditions and/or services on the System (Jobtiger) at all times, and without prior notice in accordance with the applicable law, by updating these present text contents. It is a Customers obligation to check these present terms for any revisions.
  6. The Customer is liable for any use of Jobtiger. The Customer is also liable for keeping its information and its password confidential. The Customer is liable for the use of its account, with or without its permission. The Customers agrees to immediately inform Jobtiger for any unauthorized use of its account and its password.
  7. This site may be used only for lawful purposes by persons searching for jobs and information related to their career, and by employers seeking for employees and information related to the employment procedures.
  8. By accepting these present terms of use the Customer agrees that the published contact information of individuals and companies may only be used for job applications and employment. By accepting these present terms of use the Customer undertakes not to use this said contact information for any other purpose, including, but not limited to, marketing and advertising purpose.
  9. JobTiger is not an employer with regard to the use of this site, and is not responsible for any employment decisions made by any person through this site.
  10. JobTiger does not make any guarantees regarding the truthfulness, accuracy or reliability of the contact information posted by Customers. JobTiger is not responsible for the contents and trustworthiness of the announcements posted on this site.
  11. By accepting these present terms of use the Customer shall be deemed informed that any person paid for database access, as well as any third party gained such access in any other way, could keep a copy thereof in its own database, although they have declared not todoso. In such cases, JobTiger shall not be responsible for saving, use or keeping confidential any such information.
  12. Though all security measures against any unpermitted access to user information, JobTiger does not make any guarantees that the same could never be made public.
  13. By accepting these present terms of use the Customer assumes the sole responsibility for the form, contents and accuracy of the information posted by it on JobTiger.
  14. The Customer may not publish and edit any information on behalf of any third party without its consent.
  15. The Customer undertakes to use JobTiger in compliance with the law. The Customer may not publish or distribute any information through JobTiger, which, in any way, infringe or are in conflict with any third partys rights and/or the applicable law, as well as such containing advertisement of other products and/or services, without the prior consent of JobTiger.
  16. JobTiger is entitled, but not obliged, to control the content of this site, in order to see to the observance of these present terms of use, as well as of any other internal rules, regulations and governmental requirements. JobTiger reserves the right, in its own discretion, to edit or refuse publishing of any information and/or providing services.


Section . Rules for use of the information

  1. By accepting these present terms of use the Customer has the right to view and download, if needed, single copies of the JobTiger material, solely for personal, non-commercial use.
  2. The Customer declares that all announcement posted by it refer to existing and actual jobs.
  3. The Customer agrees to use JobTiger in accordance with these present terms and all applicable Bulgarian laws.
  4. The Customer may not:
    /a/ use this site in the meaning of delivering, distribution, saving or destroying the information in any way infringing or not respecting basic human or public rights;
    /b/ publish any information of discriminative nature or which infringe the confidentiality or any third partys rights;
    /c/ post incomplete, false or inaccurate data or information which is not its property;
    /d/ send any franchise, pyramid schemes, club friendships, distribution agency contracts and commercial representation contracts or other business proposals requiring advance or regular payment;
    /e/ delete or amend any material sent by other persons;
    /f/ distribute copyrighted material unless it owns the copyright or has the owner's permission to do so;
    /g/ distribute any information containing trade secret, unless it owns the trade secret or has the owner's permission to do so;
    /h/ distribute any information infringing any other persons intellectual property rights or any rights related to personal data protection of others;
    /i/ distribute any information that is obscene, libelous, threatening, offensive, abusive hateful, or embarrassing to another Customers, or any other person or entity;
    /j/ distribute photos with sexual content or announcement;
    /k/ distribute information containing viruses, Trojan horses, worms, mailbombing, cancelbots, or perform any other actions meant to cause damages, loss of interference, subversive hindrances or crushing the system, database or the information and/or are meant to obtain and use of somebody elses information.
  5. The Customer is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of its passwords, as well as for the consequences of submitting them to any third party.
  6. The Customer may at all times change or modify its personal information.
  7. JobTiger has the right, in its own discretion, to remove or request the editing of any announcement which are deemed to violate these present Terms of use.
  8. JobTiger has the right to terminate rendering the service if a violation of these present Terms of use is suspected.
  9. JobTiger agrees not to submit any information to third parties save in the cases where any such information shall be submitted to the competent authorities upon violation of these present terms of use, or as required by the law, or upon the express Customers consent.

Section . Security rules

  1. The Customer is prohibited from violating ot attempting to violate the security of this site, including, without limitation:
    /a/ accessing data not intended for such Customer or logging into account which the Customer is not authorized to access;
    /b/ attempting to probe, scan or test the vulnerability of a system or network or to breach security or authentication measures without proper authorization;
    /c/ attempting to interfere with service to any Customer, host or network, including, without limitation, via means of submitting a virus to the Site, overloading, "flooding", "mailbombing" or "crashing";
    /d/ sending unsolicited e-mail, including promotions and/or advertising of products or services;
    /e/ performing any actions resulting in unreasonable or disproportionable overloading of the site structure.
  2. The Customer is responsible for any actions leading to violations of the system or network.

Chapter . SERVICES

Section . Services for the Job Seekers

  1. All services for Job Seekers are free of charge.
  2. Job Seekers may be registered and not registered users of JobTiger or any of the other domains and subdomains described.
  3. Registration of Job Seekers:
    30.1. Users fill in the registration form of JobTiger or any of the other domains and subdomains described with their name, email address and password.
    30.2. An automatic notification, containing a link for registration confirmation will be sent to the entered email address. The link is valid for 24 hours. If the confirmation link is not used in the defined term, the users data will be deleted automatically.
    30.3. After confirming their registration, users receive automatic email message for successful registration and brief information about JobTiger services. Since this moment the user will be considered as a registered user. The email address and password entered in the registration form will be the login data for the users registration.
  4. The registered in section JOB SEEKERS users can apply for job postings, create and maintain an online CV and online cover letter, follow their applications made through JobTiger, as well as receive automatic notifications for new job postings, corresponding to specific criteria. The users can also be found by potential employers through their online CV.
  5. The users, not registered as job seekers, can also apply for job postings. If a non-registered user chooses to apply for a job, he/she:
    32.1. Must fill in the following data
    • -mail address the specified e-mail address will be used by the recruiter to get in touch with the applicant. On the same e-mail address the applicant will receive an e-mail with the the positions designation it has applied;
    • Name and Family name the fields are filled in by the applicants, applying for the first time with the current e-mail;
    • CV the Customer picks out from its computer the file to be attached;
    • Key a combination of letters and numbers is entered in order to protect from automatically generated messages.
    32.2. May fill in the following optional data:
    • Cover letter - the Customer picks out from its computer the file to be attached. If the job advertisement requires a cover letter, a note under the field indicates that;
    • Picture the Customer picks out from its computer the file to be attached.
  6. Customer may not apply twice for one posted job with one and the same e-mail. The applicants may not enter in the field e-mail address an e-mail, appearing as employers registration.
  7. When a job seeker, irrespective if registered or not, applies for a job, all application data (email address, name, CV) stays recorded in JobTiger database, for which the user is explicitly informed. If the user applies for another job posting with already used e-mail address, filling in his/her names will not be needed.
  8. Both registered and not registered Job Seekers may create and give JobTiger a CV on their own file, which to be made accessible to potential employers. This way the employers may find the Job Seeker and contact him/her directly.
    35.1. When the registered or not registered users upload their own CV, they must enter their e-mail and agree with the General terms of use of the site.
    35.2. After sending the CV, the user receives automatic confirmation of the request and an opportunity for canceling the CV processing.
    35.3. When the CV is activated Searchable, the user (registered or not) receives another e-mail, confirming that the CV is already accessible to the employers. This e-mail gives also opportunity for preview the CV, canceling of the Searchable status of the CV and subscription for automatic notifications for new job postings.
  9. JobTiger may, by their opinion, refuse processing a CV and its Searchable status activation. In this case the user will be informed via automatic e-mail notification.
  10. JOB SEEKERS Section:
    37.1. JOB SEEKERS is an individualized section on Job Tiger for job seeking individuals. Only registered users may have access thereto.
    37.2. The registration with JOB SEEKERS is free. Job tiger reserves its rights to revise the registration conditions at all times. Upon registration Job Tiger requires some information, as name, e-mail address etc. All personal data is used only for the purpose of the services provided by Job Tiger.
    37.3. The Customer registered in JOB SEEKERS may create and update a resume to apply for jobs with, and to be accessed by potential employers. The Customer has at its disposal practical on-line instructions how to create a cover letter in addition to its resume.
    37.4. Any potential employers may view the resume of a Customer registered with JOB SEEKERS only if it has given an access authorization to this information.
    37.5. The Customer registered with JOB SEEKERS can receive notification via e-mail for any new positions corresponding to any criteria previously given by the Customer.
  11. JOB POSTINGS Section
    38.1. This section gives a not registered Customer (Job Seeker) the opportunity to search and view all posted jobs (confidential and non-confidential) in their complete form, to like and share them in social networks
    38.2. The Section gives the opportunity for viewing all non-confidential advertisements of a certain employer.
    38.3. The Customer can send per e-mail a job posted on JobTiger.
    38.4. The Customer can apply for jobs posted on JobTiger by sending the employer resume and/or cover letter, created in JobTiger. In order to apply in this manner, the Customer must have an account and created resume and/or cover letter.
    38.5. The Customer can also apply for a job by sending resume and/or cover letter from its own file, whereas no previous registration in the JOB SEEKERS section is required.
  12. The job seeking customer may use, free of charge, any information and services for job seekers posted on JobTiger.
  13. On JobTiger the Customer receives free information about companies represented on the site, JobTiger partners, qualification courses and trainings, trainee programs and scholarships, useful materials about the labor market, calendar and general statistics, provided for posting in the system.
  14. Free tips how to create and use application documents, instructions for successful presentation during an interview, and for evaluation of the job proposal are posted on JobTiger.

Section II. Services for employers

  1. The EMPLOYERS Section is personalized for Customers - employers on JobTiger. Only registered employers may have access thereto.
  2. Registration of Employers:
    43.1. Users fill in the registration form of JobTiger.
    43.2. An automatic notification, containing a link for registration confirmation will be sent to the entered email address. The link is valid for 24 hours. If the confirmation link is not used in the defined term, the users data will be deleted automatically.
    43.3. After confirming their registration, users receive automatic email message for successful registration and brief information about JobTiger services. Since this moment the user will be considered as a registered employer. The email address and password entered in the registration form will be the login data for the employers registration.
  3. Registered Customer employer can receive the following types of services:
    44.1. Paid services:
    44.1.1. Access to the resume database the Employer acquires the right to search for appropriate candidates by chosen criteria in the entire resume database that is authorized for access, and after payment for the service can contact the preferred applicants.
    44.1.2. Job posting: Upon payment for the service, the Customer may post a job on JobTiger. The job posting can be confidential (without contact information and employers name), or non-confidential (with contact information and the employers name). The posted job can be viewed in detail by all job applicants, and to apply for the respective position. The Customer-employer has access to any statistical information concerning the number of visitors of its job advertisement, and the online candidates for the position.
    44.1.3. Featured companies after publishing an advertisement or payment for the service for 12 months, the Customer gains the right to present the subject of its company in Bulgarian and English, and logo (banner/button with logo sized 30x90pxl), including a link from the job advertisement to the companys information page, as well as link from the companys information page to all current non-confidential job advertisements.
  4. The Customer-employer may post on JobTiger notifications for advertisements against payment as per separate price list published on the JobTiger website.
  5. The price of each service provided to Customers-employers is published in the Services and Price list section.
  6. 44.2. Images uploaded to advertisements and employer profiles - JobTiger does not carry copyright responsibility for images uploaded by employers to their advertisements and profiles.
  7. In order to protect the employers posting jobs on JobTiger from receiving undesired messages and spam, the JobTiger users will not have access to an e-mail for contact in the job advertisements. The applications will be sent to the employers e-mails through the JobTiger system. Besides through e-mail, the employers will have permanent access to the received applications through their own JobTiger account as well.
  8. Upon viewing the candidates list, the employers will have the opportunity to receive additional information whether a resume and/or cover letter of a given candidate have been created on JobTiger, or are external ones (files attached to the application). External application documents shall be indicated accordingly.


Section . Submissions

  1. By posting Customer Content to any public area of the Site, including message boards, events and awards sections, the Customer agrees and warrants before JobTiger and its affiliates that the Customer has permitted any other Customer to access, display, view, store and reproduce such Customer content for personal use. In accordance with these present terms, the owner of such venue on the site retains any and all rights that may exist in such content.
  2. With regard to the confidentiality of the information, posted by a job seeking Customer, this said information shall be accessible for other JobTiger customers, only if the job seeker has granted access to its resume, or has applied for jobs posted on JobTiger by sending its resume (including from file) to any employer.
  3. The Customers-employers can limit other JobTiger customers access to their own information by posting confidential job advertisements. The JobTiger visitors shall gain access to the content of the confidential job advertisement, but not to the employers contact information and name.

Section . Data storage

  1. JobTiger keeps history of all actions, taken by the customers in the system. JobTiger reserves the right to change its activities on history storage (keeping).
  2. If User, who has created an incomplete CV in the JobTiger database, has not completed it within a 2 months period, JobTiger reserves the right to erase this CV automatically and without prior notice.

Section . Privacy statement

  1. JobTiger undertakes to keep confidential and protect any information of all its customers. JobTiger makes its best efforts to keep the submitted information confidential, and to use it only for purposes set forth under these present terms.
  2. JobTiger undertakes not to disclose any information and/or personal data concerning individual customers visits on the JobTigers site, unless required by law or authorities.
  3. In any particular case where a Customer requires the use of certain service, and dispute shall arise may demand submitting of more specific information by the Customer.
  4. If the Customer has provided consent for JobTiger to do so, it may use the information gather from the Customer to inform it of other products or services which may be of interest to the Customer, or contact the Customer with regard to any changes on the site. If the customer has not provided dissent, JbTiger may send to the specified e-mail, without disclosing the contact information to any third party, any of its advertisements and/or newsletters.
  5. JobTiger may request any information from the Customer, concerning its interests, proposals and comments about the site, job type the customer is interested in, and everything else related to the JobTigers efforts to provide maximum benefit from this page.
  6. When a Client visits websites owned by JobTiger, third-party advertising companies may use information (not including personal data about the Client, e.g. name, address, e-mail address, or telephone number) about the Clients number of visits to this and other websites in order to provide advertisements about goods and services of interest to the Client. The Client could find more information about this practice and the Clients choices about not having this data used by these advertising companies at

  7. As third-party provider, Google uses "cookies" for providing advertisements at websites owned by JobTiger. "Cookies" are small pieces of information sent by a web server to a web browser, thus allowing the server to collect back information from the browser. The Client can choose whether to delete the "cookies" through the options of every browser. More information about "cookies" could be found at
    The "DoubleClick DART cookie" is used by Google to display ads based on visits at websites owned by JobTiger as well as at other publisher sites on the Internet. The Client can opt out of the use of the "DART cookie" by visiting the Google ad and content network privacy policy. The Client could receive more information about this practice by visiting

Section V. Changes to privacy policy

  1. If JobTiger decides to change its privacy policy, it will post those changes through a prominent notice on the web site so that Customers will always know what information does JobTiger gather, how might JobTiger use that information, and whether it will be disclosed to anyone.


Section . JobTigers liability

  1. JobTiger is administrator of personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law and operates according to the Laws decrees and all orders for the Laws enforcement, as well as according to the standards of the Code of Ethics for personal data administrators, approved by the Committee for Personal Data Protection.
  2. JobTiger cannot and does not confirm that each Customer is who they claim to be. JobTiger does not and cannot be involved in customer-to-customer dealings or control the behavior of participants on JobTiger. In the event that there is a dispute between one or more Customers, JobTiger (and its employees) shall be released from claims, demands and damages (actual and consequential, direct and indirect) of every kind and nature, arising out of or in any way connected with such disputes.
  3. JobTiger does not control the information posted by customers on the website. If notified by a Customer of information which allegedly does not conform to these present terms, JobTiger may investigate the allegation and determine in good faith and in its sole discretion whether to remove or request the removal of such information. JobTiger has no liability or responsibility to Customers for performance or nonperformance of such activities. JobTiger may eliminate Customers and exclude them from any future access to the site by violation of these present Terms or applicable laws, as well as to terminate any communication found to be insulting or illegal.
  4. JobTiger is not obliged to make any representations about the accuracy, completeness, or timeliness of any information on JobTiger. The use of the site and its content is at Customers risk.
  5. The Customer is obliged to check and evaluate, at its own risk and on its own account, the accuracy, completeness and relevance of the information or any other part of the content accessible through JobTiger. JobTiger is not liable for any lost profits and/or damages resulting from the use of information on the JobTigers site. In no event shall JobTiger be liable for any or damage suffered by the Customer, and resulting from any received or not received information on the site of JobTiger.
  6. JobTiger (or its proprietors, partners, managers and officers) does not warrant that JobTiger will operate error-free, nor makes any guarantees for any results arising from the use of JobTiger, as well as for the accuracy, trustworthiness and security of the content of the announcements, resumes, cover letters, and any other information posted by JobTiger customers.
  7. JobTiger is not liable for any damages resulting from system error, access termination, lost of data, defects, operation deceleration, computer viruses, connection problems, theft, system destruction or unauthorized access.
  8. JobTiger, its proprietors, partners, officers and suppliers shall not be liable for any decisions based upon posted information.
  9. JobTiger shall not be liable towards the system users, as well as toward any third party in event that Customer posts on the site illegally obtained or information prohibited for distribution, as well as in the event of misuse, copying or any other kind of illegal use of trademark, logo, as well as any other information violating any third partys material or non-material rights.

Section . Customers liability

  1. By accepting these general terms, the job applicants declare their consent with Article 4, Paragraph 2 of the Personal Data Protection Law, their personal data to be collected, processed and preserved according to the law for the purposes of searching and finding job positions.
  2. The Customer does expressly agree not to take JobTiger at task for any illegal or offending behavior of other customers, visitors or any other third party, whereas the Customer shall bear the entire risk of possible damages.
  3. The Customer undertakes not to take JobTiger (or its proprietors, managers and officers respectively) at task for any damages resulting from use of the services of JobTiger, Customer or any third party with its access data.

In order to use this site, you will have do accept these present terms of use. Otherwise you will not gain access to the JobTiger services.

Your access to JobTiger,,,,,,,,,,, and their related sites indicates your acceptance of these terms and conditions. Every user of the site is bound by these present general terms for the entire period of use of the system as from the initial access to the site
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