Education Is Not Important For Success...

Education is not important for successIf, like the old saying goes, knowledge is power, then librarians would rule the world. They don’t. Something else is more correlated to success than education.

Millions of higher degree recipients make less during their careers than people who dropped out of high school. And millions who never finished high school make huge impacts and a lot of money.

We miss cause and effect all the time. As an example, people love to say, “College graduates make a million dollars more in their lifetime than non-college graduates.” Is it because they went to school, or because they are motivated to do anything that will make them successful? I think it’s the latter.

There is some clear correlation between education in the hard sciences (pharmaceuticals, engineering, plumbing, etc.) and success. But there is little correlation in the soft sciences.

Business is one of the soft sciences where education is least correlated with success. “Is college necessary?” is becoming a mainstream question.

Education is not important for success

What makes business owners successful? According to research, education doesn’t show up in the top five. (Entrepreneurial Intuition, an Empirical Approach, La Pira, April 2010), but these do:

  1. Seeing the big picture – being a visionary is most important. If you can’t see it, you won’t shoot for it.
  2. Speed of Execution – taking action while others are researching.
  3. Never giving up; being the bull dog; finding a way to make it work.
  4. Being a life-long learner.
Learning is massively different than being educated. Education fills our heads with information, while learning transforms our lives and the world around us with grounded and applied intelligence.


If you want to have your head filled with facts, get an education. It you want to learn, change lives and/or make money, you’re better off apprenticing with someone who’s done it. They won’t try to educate you, they’ll just make sure you are effective and becoming something you aren’t, yet.

Go do something with someone who’s already done it; and learn from their experience.

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pheonix 2015, 7 August 16:26
very true
Mария 2011, 22 August 10:01
И в здравеопазването за съжаление работи този фактор. Лекари без квалификация омайват и лъжат пациентите, дори успяват да ги убедят, че повече не може да се направи за тях и резултатът е инвалидност или смърт за болния. Някои специалисти плащат на личните лекари в брой за изпратен пациент, за да имат пациенти, защото те не са добри като специалисти и никой не ходи при тях. Но когато болният разбере това, вече е късно.
Mартин Иванов 2011, 17 August 09:40
Mnogo dobre kazano napulno sum suglasen s tozi komentar. Opita i znaniata sa naistina goliamo predimstvo pred vishistite koito s ochite si sum vijadal che imat samo edna diploma a znaniata sa pod vsiakakva kritika ili opita spored men shte si zagybi chovek vremeto da izkara vishe obrazovanie po dobre da izkara niakoi kyrs.
Galina 2011, 12 August 15:40
Много вярно и точно написано. Чудя се кога българските работодатели ще проумеят, че не дипломата за висше образование ти върши работата, а човека такъв какъвто е, та макар и с диплома за средно образование. Има среднисти с натрупан опит и знания които ще те изстрелят на върха на трудовия пазар и новоизлюпени вишисти които ще те доведат до фалит. Мили работодатели Вие за кои избирате?
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