Telenor Bulgaria EAD
Sofia more than 300 employees


We at Telenor know quite well that things change rapidly, especially in the way we communicate and live the world. That’s way we realize that terms such as “telecommunication company” need constant revision, additional value and extra content in order to make sense nowadays.

We at Telenor are convinced that things could and should become nicer, more and more accessible and even better. Things like our 4G network for example, the way we take care of those who rely on us, or our services – the ones we already have and those that are right behind the corner.

We at Telenor believe that curiosity doesn’t kill the cat but rather creates opportunities and opens new ways. We also believe that good and brave ideas should turn into reality. 

If you also believe in such things and you are damn sure you can help us become better in everything we do, take a look at our job offers here and eventually become part of these more than 2300 ambitious, curious, knowing and thinking people, who make Telenor move forward.

Telenor Bulgaria is part of Telenor Group, which operates in 12 countries in Europe and Asia and has more than 211 million subscribers.

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