Булгартабак Холдинг АД


 BULGARTABAC is a Company that lives in the present, imagines the future and learns from the past.

Our strong heritage and years of expertise will not have any value unless we have the wisdom and courage to move forward and to seek new possibilities for development. Our main goal is Bulgartabac to take its rightful place among the world leaders in the industry as a company with successful and proven brands, meeting international standards and responding to customers’ expectations.


Ø      To transform the Company into an international player, that creates value through strong, appealing and reliable brands

Ø      To satisfy the needs of consumers around the world, using its wide expertise in the business

Ø      To encourage and motivate people, institutions and all stakeholders, to take on challenging new objectives

Ø      To build a new standard of unmatched flexibility, to strongly compete with the international leaders in the business

Ø      To be proud to build a new Bulgarian aspirational Company based on care and responsibility towards its employees, shareholders and the Community

The goals that we face in the future are to continue to grow and take our worthy place among the leading companies in the industry, and most of all using our wide expertise, to continue to produce the same quality and successful products.

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