Скейл Фокус АД

  ScaleFocus is an EU-based professional services company which provides innovative technology services and software solutions across EMEA and North America.

Our key areas of expertise are:

·         Industry-focused Mobile Solutions

·         High Performance Integration and Business Process Management

·         Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics

·         Quality Engineering and System Audits

·         Modernization of Legacy Systems and Infrastructure

·         Cloud Strategy, Infrastructure and Applications Implementation

ScaleFocus is a highly skilled and cost-optimized technology service provider. We are investing continuously in developing niche technology competencies and forging strong customer relationships. We have the methodology and flexibility to partner with both MNCs and SMEs.


ScaleFocus transforms customer ideas into profitable business solutions.  We believe in:

·         Integrity: We walk our vision.  Our actions and methods are consistent with our promises

·         Commitment:  We approach projects with focused professionalism and creativity. We believe in excellent service – on every project

·         Delivery: We never take results for granted.  We focus on every client, making sure value is actually delivered


Why join ScaleFocus:


Experienced in overcoming challenges, our engineering and management force embraces a customer-centric approach. We are always close to the client, adapting to each particular case, focusing on business’ specifics and providing quality solutions that enable high performance results.

The ScaleFocus team believes in collaboration. Communication, comprehensive services and sound processes are the core of our successful deliveries and long-term partnerships in different geographical and cultural contexts.


You will find:

·         Personal and flexible approach. Our bright, qualified and motivated engineering team will bring all its knowledge, adjusting to your company environment

·         True understanding of your strategic business needs. We address your requirements with focus on quality and on-time delivery to achieve scalable and sustainable growth

·         Professional partner for outstanding results. You will have access to talent experienced in multiple methodologies and complex project environments


Do you want your personal and professional capabilities to be recognized?


We recruit meticulously, looking for:

·         Intellect

·         Attitude

·         Integrity


Our people obtain:

·         Career development

·         Opportunities

·         Recognition

Join our team to overcome challenges together. ScaleFocus is compound of top notch professionals – an excellent opportunity for you to learn, improve and contribute. We invest in your future.