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iCOVER specializes in Wholesale of Background Screening & Business Intelligence solutions for the global market. We are an international company with operational headquarters in Paris, backed by a network of offices worldwide, which offer strategic global reach for all your business needs.


We ensure your clients recruit personnel of the finest caliber and that their professional integrity is never compromised by recruiting unsuitable personnel.

iCOVER has historically been a leading wholesale provider in this field. With us your clients can be assured of recruiting candidates of the highest caliber and identifying the right person for the job, first time round.

We also conduct background checks to rigorously vet potential government employees to meet the highest security standards, and work for a wide spectrum of other industries where security is paramount.


We ensure our clients can mitigate risk and facilitate decision-making processes, by collecting all noteworthy information while remaining compliant with a strict regulatory framework.

Our business intelligence services help our clients gain a better knowledge and understanding of all their business relationships, with either individuals or organizations, within the framework of their regulatory due diligence and compliance obligations, such as Know Your Customer and Know Your Partner procedures.

The scope of our solutions covers searches in open sources or media records, discreet reputation inquiries, on-site inspections, and tailor-made due diligence reports. When retrieving information, iCOVER makes sure that it complies with local regulations.

Find more here: https://www.icover-services.com/about-icover-services/

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