Декра Арбейт България ЕООД


DEKRA brand is formed around terms such as security, examination, evaluation, quality and consulting.

All those terms would stay mere, if there were no people behind them. People have been turning those terms into action since day one.

DEKRA Arbeit Gruppe, as a part of DEKRA SE puts an emphasis on the essence of strong human relations and as a reliable HR partner objectively measures and evaluates human aspect of every project, no matter its size or nature.

DEKRA Arbeit Gruppe with its strong HR infrastructure and collaboration across 20 European countries, position itself as a loyal and trustworthy partner, known with its dynamic and flexible way of doing business. DEKRA Arbeit Gruppe services allow the flexible planning of human power and our tailored-made HR solutions are delivering the right professionals for your business needs. Our people are ready to work outside of their domain, which often creates special link and trust with clients, and leads to the improvement of teamwork and the knowledge sharing. 

People are more than just numbers for us, they are what we stand for and what will continue to represent!

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