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KONE is known in Bulgaria since 1970s when it was a supplier to one of the most important places for that time - The Bulgarian Foreign Trade Bank (BFTB) , Hotel “Balkan”, PRONO, Hotel “Vitosha New Otani” , Military Medical Academy (Bulgaria), TZUM - Sofia, etc. Since 2004 KONE has exclusive distributor in the country. During the construction boom were build lots of projects with high quality in different segments - office buildings, commercial centers and residential complexes. On 01.01.2014 KONE Corporation founded its own company in Bulgaria - KONE EOOD. And from 01.02.2015 the company moves to its own office at a new address. KONE is present in Bulgaria because we think we have excellent solutions that can improve the feeling of smooth, comfortable, enjoyable, reliable and safe People flow. The team of KONE Bulgaria is constantly developing as we offer innovative solutions, answering the customer needs.

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