Schwarz IT Bulgaria more than 300 employees


Schwarz IT Bulgaria is the digital heart of the global retail group Schwarz. The company occupies a key position in the Schwarz Group and is an integrated part of Schwarz IT Germany, with which it works on the principle of equal companies and colleagues.

Our employer policy is aimed at providing opportunities for employee growth. Over 80% of employees are promoted internally in a short period of time. For 3 years part of the team was promoted by at least 2 career steps.

We follow an internal policy to encourage the employment of women in the company. We currently have a 40% share of women in the teams, including in management positions, and our goal is for this percentage to continue to grow.

An important cause for Schwarz IT Bulgaria is the return of Bulgarians from abroad and we are working hard in this direction. We already have many specialists who have joined our team after developing successful careers in Western Europe.

We help employees gain experience and knowledge, to develop and reach high positions in the company. We are fortunate to have built many successful units around which we develop academies and organize courses to increase the knowledge and skills of our employees.

Our introductory program for employees focuses on them being close to the business and learning how to be useful to their internal customer. This includes work in the Schwarz Group stores, central warehouses and logistics bases, active participation in the so-called hot days - the days around Easter and Christmas, when the workload in the stores is extraordinary. The goal of this program is for each employee to have close access to the business they serve during the first year in the company.

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