Ocean Investments Ltd

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Ocean Investments is a family-owned investment company focused on early-stage technology innovators in Europe, USA, Africa and the Middle East. 

Our mission is to identify and back the bold entrepreneurs with strong ideas, delivered by unique technology, customer traction and global ambition. 

Our dedication is to support them in their growth plans and help them realize their vision in rapid flight. 

Our industry focus is investing and growing companies operating in the sectors of cybersecurity, technology, innovations, tech-health and real estate.

Part of our company group are: 

AMATAS - cybersecurity company;

Resolute Software – software and technology company; 

VIP Security – company for security and consultancy services;

S Group International;

S Management.

We talk ideas: We are visionaries with long term horizon.

Grow strategically: This is the place where 3 decades of experience meet innovation. 

A powerful Network & experts: We help entrepreneurs realize their ideas in rapid flight.

Exceptional team: Finding the right talent for every business.

Being open: We speak our minds, hearts, and guts, even when it’s hard to hear.