Mnemonica JSC
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Mnemonica is your trusted adviser that can take care of all aspects of your business, from information security to reliable data storage. We have an ecosystem of services, products and partners – world leaders in cybersecurity and information technologies. We offer complex solutions to every type of customer, from large corporations to small businesses.

You can contact us for any of the following areas:

• Cyber security and protection

• Cloud technologies and virtualization

• Data storage and processing

• Managed services and IT outsourcing

We have highly qualified specialists who will address your needs. You will receive professional approach and quality services related to your requirements.

And most important, we will understand the nature of your problem in order to deliver personalized solution, designed for you.

Since 2009, Mnemonica has successfully implemented 1000+ projects for 200+ customers thus positively impacting the work of 100 000+ employees.

Since 2017, Mnemonica’s team has been helping companies to get GDPR compliant.

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