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Welcome to Global Tech Markets, where we believe in helping organizations grow, evolve, and thrive in the friendliest and most supportive way possible.

Our mission is simple: to combine the power of modern technology with exceptional people to drive businesses forward sustainably and intelligently.

At Global Tech Markets, we offer a wide array of specialized services designed to cater to our partners" unique needs. Whether they are just embarking on their journey or have a major project on the horizon, we are here to provide guidance and shoulder the heavy lifting when required.

Our range of services spans across support, sales, VIP services, CRM, Payments, Payouts, Anti-fraud, Risk Management, and more. But what truly sets us apart is our commitment to delivering assistance in a friendly, human-centric manner. We believe in cutting through corporate formalities to offer practical, holistic solutions that build trust and nurture long-term partnerships between our customers and our team.

Our benefits:

  • Competitive remuneration package and social benefits;
  • Additional health insurance from the very first month;
  • Transport or utility costs vouchers for those who work on shifts;
  • Food and Birthday gift vouchers, Newborn bonus;
  • Positive working environment and career development opportunities.
  • Initial training for each position;
  • Free snacks and beverages in the office and Happy Hour on Fridays;
  • Multisport card;
  • Team-building activities;
  • Great office building locations in Sofia and Plovdiv;

Our offices are located in Sofia and Plovdiv:

Sofia - Blvd. Bulgaria 118, Abacus Business Center

Plovdiv - Blvd. Svoboda 65B, Office Park Plovdiv

You can check our current open positions at:


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