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Socotab LLC is one of the leading oriental tobacco leaf merchants in the world and is a partner company of Universal Leaf Tobacco Company, Inc.
The Socotab Group operates in all of the classical oriental growing regions and supplies most of the leading international cigarette manufacturers.

Oriental tobacco is a sun-cured tobacco type predominantly grown in Turkey, Greece and the Balkans. Due to the soil, climatic conditions and genotype, oriental tobacco yields high levels of aromatic smoke. The oriental tobacco plant belongs to the main species of tobacco, Nicotiana tabacum. It is distinguished from other types in the same category by its relatively small leaves, of which a large number are usually produced, and its aromatic qualities. The leaves themselves differ widely according to the precise plant considered and may, for example, have either well-developed stems or extend almost to the stalk of the plant. (source: Tobacco Encyclopedia, Tobacco Journal International, 2000).

Charities supported by Socotab Frana SA in 2007

    * – SOS Children's Villages in Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia and Turkey
    * – Children Action, Geneva
    * – Hôpiclowns, Geneva
    * – Paint a Smile, Geneva
    * – Foyer Arabelle, Geneva
    * – Fondation Au Coeur des Grottes, Geneva

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